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Are these valves and membranes compatible with manual Medela Harmony?2019-10-31T03:24:25+00:00

Yes. They are compatible with Medela Pump In Style, Medela Symphony, Medela Mini Electric, Medela Swing, and Medela Harmony Breastpumps. Click the photo below for more information and assembly instruction video. They are all FDA compliance and BPA free.

What kinds of materials are used for these pump kits for Spectra pumps?2019-10-31T07:04:31+00:00

Breastshields and valves are made of PP. Membranes are made of silicone. Tubes are made of silicone. All parts are BPA free.

Can I use this flange and pump into Medela bottles?2019-12-09T05:39:49+00:00

No, you cannot. These flanges are used for wide neck  bottles. You need to use Nenesupply yellow flange adapters as shown below in order to pump into Medela bottles. Click these photos for more information and assembly instruction video.

Are these parts dishwasher safe?2019-10-30T07:10:29+00:00

You may wash flanges, tubing, and backflow protectors with dishwasher (top rack). But we do not recommend using dishwasher to clean the duckbill valves. Please hand wash the valves.

Do Spectra valves fit this flange?2019-10-30T07:08:17+00:00

Yes, all parts work interchangeably.

Can I use Spectra bottles with this flange?2019-10-31T06:48:58+00:00

Yes, Nenesupply’s flanges for Spectra pump parts are compatible with Spectra bottles. You can also use Nenesupply wide neck bottles by clicking these photos below for more information.

What kinds of materials are used for these pump kits for Medela pumps?2019-10-31T07:05:38+00:00

Breastshields and valves are made of PP. Membranes are made of silicone. Tubes are made of PVC and ABS. All parts are BPA free.

Are Nenesupply products FDA approved?2019-10-30T06:53:09+00:00

All Nenesupply products are manufactured according to FDA regulations for breast pump kit. Thy are all registered with FDA, and administered by FDA.

Can I attach other bottles to the flange? Or I have to use Medela bottles?2019-10-31T07:25:37+00:00

You can use Medela bottles, Dr Brown’s narrow bottles, Walmart Parents’ choice bottles, and Nenesupply narrow (standard) bottles to connect Nenesupply’s flanges for Medela pumps. For more information about our pump parts for Medela and narrow neck collection bottles, please click these photos below.

Can these collection bottles be used in a bottle warmer?2019-10-31T07:42:30+00:00

Yes. They can be used in a bottle warmer and within temperature -20~100C. All parts dishwasher safe and can be sanitized with water steam or boiling water. They can also be switched to a feeding bottle by attaching a Nenesupply’s nipple. Click these photos for more information.

Is the cap one or two pieces?2019-10-31T07:46:25+00:00

The cap is one piece with a small silicone ring insert for a better seal.

How do I clean these bottles?2019-10-31T07:58:32+00:00

Disassemble all parts. Clean them with soapy water, and rinse with tap water. Sterilize all parts with water steam for 15 minutes or in boiling water for 5 minutes. When using boiling water, make sure to cover all parts with water.

Does a spectra nipple fit these bottles?2019-10-31T08:06:26+00:00

Yes it does.

Spectra nipple with Nenesupply bottle
Can I pump directly into these with the Spectra 2 but use Avent natural nipples and rings?2019-10-30T06:22:35+00:00

Yes. You can pump into them with Spectra S2 and use Avent Natural or Avent Classic nipples and rings.

Can you attach these bottles to the Spectra S2 pump and pump directly into these bottles?2019-10-30T06:20:12+00:00

Yes. These bottles are compatible with Spectra S2 and Avent breastpumps.

How do I choose the flange sizes?2019-10-31T03:41:08+00:00

Measure the diameter of your nipples. Do not include the areola. Refer to size selection guide in the photo below. Your cup size is irrelevant to flange size.

how to choose flange sizes?
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