We are Nenesupply LLC. Founded by a breastfeeding mom whose own breastfeeding challenges inspired a passion to help other moms. This passion has been the driving force for Nenesupply in the past, and it will still be in the future. We are dedicated to develop quality, reliable, and safe breastfeeding products for moms, so they can breastfeed as long as they want it to be. We know it’s challenging, but we are here to help.


We know how much effort you have devoted to pumping. We know all the tiny details that can make your pumping sessions easier, so you can spend more time with your baby. We work hard to provide quality, reliable, and safe pumping accessories for all moms, so they can breastfeed as long as they want it to be. We understand it is challenging, but we are here to help.


All of our products are available for purchase on Amazon.com. All of them can be delivered to customers by Amazon prime within 2 days.


All of our products are manufactured in compliance with FDA quality system. They have excellent product reviews and are popular among breastfeeding mothers.


Nenesupply LLC is an independent company. Nenesupply is not affiliated with Avent, Freemie, Lansinoh, Medela, and Spectra. All the products are not endorsed by these companies either.


We cherish customers’ thoughts and comments and bring them into our product development concepts, continuously providing quality products for treasured pumping moms.

Style: Flange 24mm Bottles

Nenesupply (pictured left) parts are awesome! The only differences are that the bottles are shorter and wider at the bottom and don’t sit in the pump like the originals (pictured right), the duck bill valve looks slightly different, and the bottle lids are flat and not made to hold a nipple. None of these differences are problematic for me. Can be used to replace the whole apparatus or piece by piece. Quality is good, have had these for a couple months with no breakage or issues of any kind. Would happily purchase again in place of original spectra parts. (***note: tubing and the other plastic piece that attaches to the tubing are included-just not pictured here)

MM, March 26, 2019

Size: 5 pc

They are great, love them. I have a spectra s2 and the suction was getting weaker so I noticed a small hole on one of the valves so I decided to buy this ones. The suction is so much better I pump 10 oz in 10 minutes (combined)which would take me almost half hour before.. would definitely recommend them and would buy more from here if I need to.

Kim, January 10, 2019
Style: Breastsheild LargeSize: 27 mm

So glad i purchased this complete set instead of the Medela brand version.
I’ve been pumping for 3 years using the Medela PISA pump. I’ve only bought the Medela parts in the past. This is JUST AS GOOD and WAY more affordable. I just needed new tubes. This entire set cost the same amount as the tubing alone for the Medela brand product, so I figured I would try it and I’m glad I did!

Everything fits great. It’s important to put on new white valves every 3-4 pumps so that your pump is still effectively pumping. I noticed a difference immediately!

Cleaning: Just like cleaning the medela products. No easier, but that’s expected. I wanted the same thing, not a new design.

Durability: The whole set seems to be stronger and more sturdy than the Medela products. The tubing is solid and not as flimsy as the Medela one. Everything fits correctly!

Overall: So pleased with this buy. Never buying the Medela products again. This set is the way to go.

Simplylovelyhome, Jan 11, 2019